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Promoting Indian Flexitanks in the international market :

Bulkliner Logistics (P) Ltd. is the main promoter and distributor of Indian made prime quality  flexitanks in the  international  market. We work closely with our Indian manufacturing factory to ensure quality is maintained through out from procuring raw materials till final stage. Our polymer engineers test each flexitank for quality before it is exported to our valued customers.

India emerging as a flexitank manufacturing hub:

Late 2001 new generation multi layer polyethylene flexitank has emerged as a cost effective solution compared to previous flexitanks in  the market  and now flexitank  transport has  truly  become  a  one-way,  disposable market.  Chinese  were  dominating  flexitank manufacturing from the  be ginning as there  are more than 21 factories manufacturing  flexitanks in China. However quality of many Chinese  flexitank brands  are  questionable as Chinese started   using recycled  polyethylene to  reduce cost to compete in the inter-
national market.  Moreover with  Chinese economy slowing down and due to  increasing labour cost,  China can no longer retain this position in future.  With a competitive edge  in labour arbitrage and technologically intensive manufacturing units,  India is emerging
as the potential global manufacturing hug for flexitanks and allied products.  Manufacturing in  India will continue to remain  healthy due to strong domestic demand and manufacturing sector contribution to GDP is only  16%  compared to  34%  in China.  Today the flexitank manufacturing hub is shifted to India manufacturing over 200,000 quality flexitanks per year. One of the key players involved in the manufacturing of quality flexitanks from India is Rishi FIBC Solution(P) Ltd., who started producing it’s prime quality Fluid Brand Flexitanks since 2012.

Manufacturing factory infrastructure :
Production of Indian Flexitanks :

ISO accredited multilayer 'Fluid Flexitanks' are time tested,  proven and produced under strict quality control  in  our state  of  the art, ISO 9001-2008 accredited manufacturing facility. Our Flexitanks are manufactured using layers of FDA and EC approved PolyEthylene
(PE) films made from virgin resins which make it ideal for transporting food grade liquids, non-haz chemicals and petroleum products globally. We are using imported high quality German / Holland made Polyethylene for manufacturing flexitanks.